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22 Ways To Reuse Plastic Bags

22 Ways To Reuse Plastic Bags

Ways to Re-use & Reduce Your Plastic Bags

The majority of us all have that drawer or container with plastic bags we collect from grocery stores, takeout meals, & shopping. If you’re like me, you don’t want to just throw these out! After all, plastics can take up to 1,000 years to break down in landfill-yikes! Not to mention, thousands of plastics end up in our oceans and have a negative effect on wildlife.

We’ve gathered some ways you can reuse your plastic bags as well as a few ways to reduce plastic bags altogether!


  1. Recycle Them – Most recycling centers have plastic bag receptacles, you can always check out this link to find a drop off location – the majority of the time, grocery stores also have a plastic bag recycling bin as well.

  2. Use them for Grocery shopping – so these aren’t as hip as the canvas reusable totes, but it’s still reusable! Keep a stash in your car for a go-to shopping bag so you don’t end up collecting more!

  3. Trash can liners – line bathroom trash cans for easy disposal and less cleaning of your waste bin.

  4. Easy Funnel or Piping Bag – Have a clean or hardly used zipper bag? Cut a corner off and use it as a funnel or an easy piping bag for appetizers or desserts.

  5. Got plants? - Protect some of your herbs and favorite plants from frost – cover these up overnight and remove them in the morning.

  6. Ditch the bubble wrap! – Instead of using bubble wrap to ship small items or fragile items, wrap them in a plastic bag to prevent breakage. You can also inflate zipper bags with air and use these as packaging as well.

  7. If You Have a Pet – Use plastic bags to clean up pet waste or clean out a litter box. Upgrade to a compostable pet waste bag if you can!

  8. For traveling – wrap your shoes in a plastic bag so they don’t get your clothes dirty, bring a spare bag to separate dirty clothes from your clean ones so you’re all nice and organized.

  9. Bring Your Own Lunch – Reuse plastic bags by bringing in your own lunch to work or school.

  10. Remove Soap Scum From Your Shower head – filled a plastic bag with white vinegar and tie it around your shower head to remove built up soap scum or mildew.

  11. Store You Plunger – Keep your plunger and all its germs away by storing it in a plastic bag to keep under your sink or in the nearest closet – you’ll feel better about it being stored in its own area – I promise.

  12. In The Glove Box – Keep a few plastic bags in the glove box if you have anyone who gets car sick. These are also handy to put muddy shoes in to prevent your car mats from getting muddy!

  13. Wrap Toiletries When Traveling – Wrap anything that may have the potential to leak or explode when traveling – this will prevent a big mess is your suitcase or overnight bag.

  14. Dirty Diapers – Keep a few plastic bags in your diaper bag or in the storage area of your stroller – it’s way more polite to wrap a stinky diaper you’ve changed in plastic so you don’t stink up a friend’s home trash.

  15. Swimming Suits – When going for a swim at a friends house, bring a plastic bag to store your wet suit and other items in if you’re planning on changing.

  16. Wrap Decorations – Wrap up fragile holiday decorations like Christmas ornaments, or glass pumpkins for Halloween to prevent them breaking when you go to store them.

  17. Lint Collector – Hang a bag up near your dryer to have a quick lint trap disposal. Dispose of the bag when it’s full

  18. Unmatched Socks – Collect unmatched socks in a plastic bag near your dryer or linen closet – when the bag is full – dump it out and try to find those sock mates!

  19. Having a Garage Sale Soon? – Keep a stash of plastic bags so your garage sale customers can carry out their new treasures without a hassle.

  20. Moving? – Wrap fragile items like drinking glasses and plates in plastic bags to prevent them from clinking and shipping during transport

  21. Icy Winters? – Wrap a plastic bag around your side mirrors to prevent you having to scrape ice off.

  22. Homeless Helpers – Collect/shop for items that would be useful to someone who is homeless. Living close to San Francisco, I ALWAYS keep a few plastic bags stored with food, toiletries, etc. in my car for an easy hand off to a homeless person in need.


There are so many ways to make use of your stock piled plastic bags! The best way to eliminate this pile is bringing your own bag.

Some states don’t require this, but states like California, charge a small fee for using plastic bags – even some farmers markets have banned the use of plastic bags.

Even though grocery store bags come with a small fee in some places, produce bags, do not. Eliminate the use of collecting produce bags by opting in for a reusable option, like the Reusable Veggie Bags – great for both shopping, and storing your fresh produce, and farmer’s market trips!

reusable veggie bags


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