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Why Are You Still Using Plastic In Your Kitchen?

Why Are You Still Using Plastic In Your Kitchen?

Why are you still using plastic in your kitchen?

Knowing that the majority of plastics contain something called BPA or bisphenol A, which is known to be a TOXIC endocrine disruptor meaning that it disrupts the body’s hormonal system and can also affect your immune system, why are you still using plastic in the kitchen???

Many researchers believe BPA can produce many health-related problems, such as early puberty in females, reduced sperm counts, altered functions of reproductive organs, obesity, altered sex-specific behaviors, and increased rates of some breast, ovarian, testicular, and prostate cancers. BPA is especially dangerous for fetuses, babies, and young children who are still developing and who don’t have the same detoxification abilities as older children and adults. Kids who are exposed to higher levels of BPA have been shown to have more obesity, depression, and inattention, for instance.”[5]


Even Tupperware that is claimed to be “microwave-safe”, might not be all that safe.  Prolonged exposure to heat can cause plastics to break down and leach chemicals that no one would want inside their bodies if they could help it. Some labels even confidently show “BPA-FREE” on the front of it, however, just because it’s not made with BPA doesn’t mean that the company didn’t just substitute for a different hormone-disrupting chemical in place of the BPA. "However, recent studies provide evidence that some BPA free plastics aren’t really BPA-free, while other studies show that the BPA-free plastic alternatives may not be any better, and may be even worse, in terms of their toxicity"[5]

So why don’t you help it?! It can be a simple task to reduce your exposure to BPA.


Ways to reduce your exposure to BPA:

  • Switch to Molded Bamboo® cooking utensils, serving utensils, dinnerware, and bowls
  • Avoid using plastic cooking utensils when cooking over the stove - opt in for these instead
  • Switch to a different type of storage to store leftover in, such as glass, or Molded Bamboo®
  • DO NOT microwave food in plastic containers
  • B.Y.O.B (Bring your own bottle) - there are so many alternatives to using plastic water bottles, choose one that's healthy for YOU & the planet!
  • Avoid leaving store bought plastic water bottles in a hot car and drinking from them

So What is Molded Bamboo®?

  • Molded Bamboo® is our patented technology, created from 100% sustainable bamboo, and natural fibers

  • It's 100% plastic free, BPA free, melamine free, & chemical free

  • Its shiny appearance is due to our special molds during the manufacturing process - there are absolutely zero chemical coatings

  • Molded Bamboo® won't leach chemicals or toxins when exposed to heat, or extensive use, because, well - there are no chemicals to leach!

BPA Free & Plastic Free Molded Bamboo Bowls

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