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About Us 

Natural Home® Brands has created Eco-friendly Kitchen Tools, Cleaning Tools and Health and Beauty products for the consumer that cares. Our products are sustainable, credible, and innovative. From the harvesting of raw materials to the finished products and packaging, we have chosen the most sustainable materials available for affordable sustainable everyday living. With underlining fundamental thought of reducing plastic, our innovative IP on Molded Bamboo® offers products that look, feel and are as durable as Melamine with a major difference: we have no petroleum, polyolefin and we are 100% BPA free. Our cleaning cloths are made from tree bark (viscose) - made to last and use multiple times while reducing paper towel use. Our product are made with nature in mind. We want to help Make Your Home a Natural Home™  

Our Goal Our Mission

Natural and Sustainable living is the foundation of today’s positive movement to better the way we all live, and the world we live in. Natural Home® Brands wants to help make every home a natural home. Natural Home® is providing socially responsible, economical and natural products that are made with environmentally friendly ingredients, creating a balanced lifestyle for all homes and personal living.



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Tough · Durable · Lightweight

The Natural Home Bamboo is tough, durable and lightweight. Bamboo is one of nature’s most sustainable resources and in comparison it is stronger than oak and reaches maturity in just four years — without pesticides. Bamboo’s density makes it naturally water-resistant, inhibiting germs and bacteria. It will not scratch your pans, such as metal, and it does not absorb moisture like conventional wood.


Rapidly Renewable

Though used like timber, bamboo is a grass that self-propagates as it spreads underground via a network of rhizomes. A white oak tree takes 120 years to grow to maturity; bamboo takes three-and-a-half to seven years. This self-regenerating plant grows without pesticides and needs very little water; some species grow as much as 3 feet a day. Because of its fast growth rate, bamboo sequesters carbon dioxide at a faster rate.




Bamboo is less porous than wood and results in fewer microscopic crevices for bacteria to grow. Stronger-tasting foods are less likely to leave stains or smells on bamboo utensils, this results in cleaner cooking gadgets.


Bamboo Cooking Gadgets will not scratch non-stick surfaces. You can use bamboo utensils for all your pots and pans instead of having to grab your ’special spatula’ for non-stick cookware.


Entertain with style and keep your eco-conscience clean with our 100% bamboo kitchen materials.

Made to Last

Bamboo is a durable material that will not break, split, swell or absorb any odors or moisture.


Bamboo products are generally stronger than all other hardwoods, which makes bamboo the ideal sustainable material for the kitchen. Also, it’s tensile strength makes it a good construction material, and it is also used for furniture, flooring, textiles, and other things.

Requires Few Nutrients

Not only does it thrive where other plants can’t it can reclaim its strength so other plants can thrive too.

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Earth Friendly Formulas

We believe that environmentally conscious consumers shouldn’t be penalized with poorly performing products. That’s why every Natural Home Cleaning Product is individually designed and tested to perform equal to or better than its corresponding non-green alternative. Active ingredients are plant-based, sustainable, and rapidly biodegradable. Beneficial botanical essential oils add a pleasant, aromatheraputic scent. Of greatest importance is the safety of the household in which it is being used. This includes humans, animals, and plants – and the health of our planet at large.

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Stylish & Durable

Our kitchen compost bins come in a variety of materials, sizes and colors, making an attractive addition to any counter-top. The sleek, dishwasher-safe compost bins hold food scraps until there transformed to an outdoor compost area.

Keep it Fresh

Veggie bags with drawstrings are designed to make grocery shopping more convenient and eco-friendly. Created to carry produce at the store and keep it fresh at home, these popular reusable bags further the movement to cut down on plastic and paper bag waste.


Compost is organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow. Food scrap and yard waste currently made up 20 to 30 percent of what we throw away, and should be composted instead. Making compost keeps these materials out of landfills where they take up space and release methane, a potent greenhouse gas.



The Cork Oak

The Cork Oak, Quercus Suber, is a member of the oak family, extracted from the bark of the tree. The harvesting process is called stripping, an environmentally friendly process, highly specialized and guaranteeing that the tree is not damaged. The cork oak is a slow growing tree that can live up to two-hundred years, allowing an average of sixteen stripping operations over a lifetime. Cork naturally repels fire, mold and mildew.


Natural Raw Material

Cork bark, a natural raw material, is harvested cyclically from cork oak trees without harming the trees, promoting economic and social development in areas prone to desertification. Once the bark is collected, it may me cut into cylinders for use in bottling or grounded into smaller pieces, bounded by a resin, to be cut into slabs. The final product is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available.

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Strong and Versatile

Molded Bamboo® products do not contain any of the harmful chemicals found in PVC, poly-carbonate and other plastics, yet they are just as strong and versatile. Made from fully mature bamboo raised in well-managed forests, produced with rice starch and an all natural plant based binder making it an alternative to 100% plastics, that’s light on the planet and healthy for you and your family.


A Non-toxic Alternative

Natural Home Products is proud to introduce its line of Molded Bamboo® a durable, nontoxic alternative to chemical-based plastics. We’ve spent several years working with our manufacturing partners on this innovative process that transforms ground bamboo stock from the manufacture of our bamboo product line into colorful kitchenware. Our colors are made from raw, edible minerals that are food safe & up to FDA and LFGB standards. 

The Molded Bamboo® process


Molded Bamboo® is an All-Natural Alternative to plastic that is light on the planet and healthy for you and your family



Molded Bamboo® is produced with Rice Starch and an All-Natural Plant-Based Binder



Molded Bamboo® is made from fully mature Bamboo raised in well-managed forests


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Agricultural Chemicals

10% of all agricultural chemicals in the United States are used to produce cotton, grow on just 1% of all major agricultural land. Conventional cotton crops in California alone are dusted every year with 6.9 million pounds of chemicals. Moreover, research shows that extensive and intensive use of synthetic fertilizers, soil additives, defoliants and other substances wreck terrible havoc on soil, water, air and many many living things.


High Quality Cotton

There are farmers who have been growing cotton without harmful chemicals for years. Their yield is high and the quality of cotton they grow is better than conventionally grown cotton. Their methods support biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, improve the quality of soil and often uses less water. Growing organically takes more time, requires more knowledge and skill, but for now it costs more.

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Saves Energy

Recycled Glass reduces emissions and consumption of raw materials, extends the life of plant equipment, and saves energy. Made from readily-available materials such as sand, soda-ash, limestone and “cullet,” the industry term for furnace-ready scrap glass.



All Natural Home Products glassware is made of 100% Recycled Glass from Spain. We pride ourselves in offering recycled glass that is eco-friendly and unique. The benefits of recycling glass are to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle, saving natural resources and energy.

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Minimized Emission

The emission footprint of the material, especially those related to carbon, water and air, are minimized, while the reuse and recyclability levels are increased. The material has low maintenance costs and a long life, both key indicators that the impact, of the material, on the planet is at its lowest levels possible. The Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) is extremely efficient.



The amount of recycled content in a product has no bearing on its strength and can be increased to more than 90%. On average, conventional stainless steel is composed of 30% recycled content. In Natural Home Products that amount is 93%. Our stainless steel products achieve similar aesthetics to chrome-plated metal without any of the harmful chemicals.