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"Stay Natural" Subscribe & Save Program:

  1. Under the product page, click "Subscribe & Save"
  2. Choose how often you would like the item to be delivered 
  3. Your item will be sent at the initial time of purchase, as well at the frequency as the month you selected. Example - If I chose to get the item delivered every 2 months, the item will be delivered now, and will also be delivered every 2 months from here on out.
  4. Manage your account and frequency of delivery by creating an account. In your account, you can change the frequency of delivery as well as update credit card information if need be.
  5. You can always call us to change the frequency or for cancellation purposes at ---1-800-835-1412


Ecofriendly Newsletter

  1. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom right of our website, or sign up here
  2. You will receive an initial email containing a discount code good towards you first purchase
  3. We send about 2 newsletters out a month - the majority of these newsletter contain promotional offers and discount codes
  4. You can unsubscribe at any time


Disclaimer: We NEVER send out or sell any of your personal information. 

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