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Tuesday Tips - Natural Living Principles

Tuesday Tips - Natural Living Principles
One of the basic principles behind natural living is to use and eat things the way they are found in nature. In today’s world we’ve come a long way away from using things in their natural state – think of all the products made from plastic and other man-made, chemical-based compounds, and all the factory produced and processed food we eat.
Another important principle of natural living is connecting with nature and taking steps to take care of our natural world. As we live our busy lives, it’s easy to forget about things like climate change or even how wonderful it feels to take a walk in the woods. It’s also easy to forget all the little things we can do every day to protect our planet.

Natural Living Changes You Can Make

Take a few minutes to think about your daily routine – all the products you use, the food you eat, how much waste you produce, how much time you spend outside. No matter how crunchy you already are, I bet there are a few changes you can make to embrace a natural, non-toxic lifestyle and do your part for the environment too.
"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ― Albert Einstein
  • Focus on Real Food
“If the label says natural does that mean it’s healthy?”
Here are a few things you can do to navigate the grocery store and get set up to eat well and as naturally as possible:
• Stock up on whole, unprocessed foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, nuts and minimally processed foods like meat, seafood and dairy
• Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and stay out of the aisles full of junk food
• Buy organic as often as possible –
• Read labels and avoid the worst preservatives and food additives
• Use these tips for eating healthy on a budget
• If you eat some processed foods, look for options made with a small number of real food ingredients (like a Lara bar for instance)
• Shop at farmer’s markets or purchase a CSA share
• Cook your own meals and teach your kids to help
• Make homemade versions of common packaged foods like cookies, oatmeal and spice mixes
  • Make Mindful, Eco-Friendly Choices
Most of us have grown up in a culture of abundance. We have all the food we can possibly eat, all the water we care to pour, all the heat we need to stay toasty warm. We are incredibly lucky, but the downside is that we tend to be wasteful. We leave the water running when we brush our teeth. We throw perfectly good food in the garbage. We buy clothing we do not need. This culture of excess is bad for the planet.
Here are some easy changes you can make to lower your impact on the planet:
• Switch to reusable products instead of disposable (the kitchen and laundry are a great place to start!)
• Conserve water (turn off the tap, use low-flow shower heads and toilets, use a soaker hose in the garden)
• Manage home energy use with a programmable thermostat, timers on lights, weather-stripping and more
• Buy used – shop thrift stores and garage sales or online at Craigslist or local websites
• Repurpose – turn spaghetti sauce jars or yogurt tubs into storage containers, use old t-shirts for rags
• Do without – ask yourself “Do I really need it?”
• Grow some of your own food – whether it’s a garden full of vegetables or a couple pots of herbs in containers
• Compost food scraps to create healthy soil for your garden
• Create less waste –
• Recycle everything you can (use earth911.com to find out where to recycle unusual items)
• Buy in bulk and refill containers to reduce packaging
• Shop local or from small socially responsible businesses
• Eat seasonally and locally to reduce transportation and storage costs
• Walk or bike instead of driving everywhere – get outside and enjoy nature!
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