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Tuesday Tips - Back to School -

Tuesday Tips - Back to School -
It seems like the summer just flew by - and once again it's time for Back to School routines and excitement or dread 😊.
Hopefully this year will not present as many challenges as last year did and we can get back to a little more normalcy.
Here are a few tips for ecofriendly ways to pack school lunches.
Did you know that packing a disposable lunch creates about 55 pounds of waste every school year? That means that you and 300 of your closest friends at school generate almost 20,000 pounds of lunch garbage. That’s more than 700 bags every year – enough to stink up your gymnasium!
Switching to a smart or garbage free lunch will cut down on the waste in your schoolyard. It’ll also keep garbage from entering the environment and clogging landfills that are already full to the brim!
Let your family know that you plan on going litterless with your lunches. They’ll probably jump for joy when they learn that they’re usually cheaper than a pre-packed garbage-grubbing version!
Swap disposable forks and spoons, juice boxes and plastic bags for:
Reusable containers, like Tupperware or stainless steel
Fresh fruits and veggies (bonus, they come in their own wrappers!)
Cloth napkins or napkins made from recycled material
Stainless-steel forks and spoons
Reusable drink containers
A reusable lunchbox or bag
You can also get creative and design your own lunch bag out of cloth, or find an old-school tin lunchbox and decorate it up with stickers!
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