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Wacky Wednesday - Importance of bees

Wacky Wednesday - Importance of bees
When you see something like this, don't be afraid, don't call firefighters or civil protection, don't move them, don't kill!
It's just bees traveling, they're passing by and will only stop for 24 hours. Don't disturb them and avoid getting close, they won't hurt you. If you want to help them, put a flat plate or a flat container with a light layer of sugar water. You will see how they will feed, grab energy, and go their way.
We all must protect the traveling bees, they are our survival insurance. If they die, we die later. Without bees, no human being will remain on the face of the Earth.
Please be careful and don't kill bees !
So if honeybees did disappear for good, humans would probably not go extinct (at least not solely for that reason). But our diets would still suffer tremendously. The variety of foods available would diminish, and the cost of certain products would surge. The California Almond Board, for example, has been campaigning to save bees for years. Without bees and their milk, the group says, almonds “simply wouldn’t exist.” We’d still have coffee without bees, but it would become expensive and rare. The coffee flower is only open for pollination for three or four days. If no insect happens by in that short window, the plant won’t be pollinated.
There are plenty of other examples: apples, avocados, onions, and several types of berries rely heavily on bees for pollination. The disappearance of honeybees, or even a substantial drop in their population, would make those foods scarce. Humanity would survive—but our dinners would get a lot less interesting.
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