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Thrifty Thursday - Memorable and Frugal Gifts

Thrifty Thursday - Memorable and Frugal Gifts
Keeping Christmas simple
You can keep Christmas simple and thrifty, but you have to be conscious of it. It is so easy to get sucked into buying way too much at this time of year when you go to malls.
Blame that cheery Christmas music and those Christmas-scented candles wafting out of Bath and Body Works. You don’t have to avoid malls entirely but the less you’re in stores at Christmas time the less of a chance you’ll go overboard.

Frugal Christmas gifts for adults

1. Socks
No you won’t get any awards for creativity. But it is almost guaranteed the recipient will use this gift.
3. Books
Cookbooks and inspirational books are great choices. The make a great frugal Christmas gift for your mom, dad, brother, sister or friend.
4. A nice pen and journal
You can help your loved one start the new year off right with a journal and colored pens to go with it.
5. Subscription
A magazine or audio subscription can be a good option for a frugal Christmas gift. Audible is a great choice if you’re not exactly sure what your loved one would want as the person can choose their own audio book. It’s easier to listen to a book as you’re doing things instead of sitting down to read a book. They even have a 30-day free trial membership (which includes two free books!)
6. Bath bombs
This pampering gift is great for your friend or family member who could use some time to relax and de-stress. You can find organic choices that come in gorgeous colors made with premium essential oils, and put in a beautiful gift box.
7. Soap
Hey, we all need to bathe. Soap is one of the quintessential frugal Christmas gifts – it’s also great for minimalists since you use it all up!
8. Insulated coffee mug
A travel insulated mug is a good choice. You can take it everywhere and enjoy a warm drink without buying pricey coffee. It doesn’t leak and you can usually open it with one hand.
9. Slippers
A new pair of fuzzy slippers will be appreciated on a cold winter day especially if the house isn’t carpeted.
10. Edible gifts
Coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit are all great ideas for frugal Christmas gifts. Though these might seem basic, most people like coffee, tea, fruit or chocolate. It’s much better to give a gift that people will actually use than be creative with gift-giving.

Frugal Christmas gifts for kids

1. Toothbrushes
These are a perfect frugal stocking stuffer. There are so many cute toothbrushes and toothpastes and this stuff is fun when you’re a kid! Don’t go getting them a tube of Colgate Minty Fresh and expect them to be thrilled with their gift. How about bubble gum toothpaste or green apple toothpaste.
2. Winter clothing
Kids just keep growing so clothing is always a great gift for kids. A warm, cute stocking cap and matching mittens or gloves will be much appreciated and worn throughout the winter.
3. Something monogrammed
This is a huge hit for a kid – They will be blown away to see their name on pencils, pens or journals especially when your first name is unusual or has a different spelling, it will be a hit.
4. Insulated straw cup
A stainless steel cup is useful from toddlers to teens. It doesn’t leak, and it keeps milk or other beverages cold for up to 12 hours.
5. Slippers and Socks
Cozy slippers aren’t just for adults – kids love slippers too. You can find all kinds of cute socks in every price range.
6. Art supplies
Crafty indoor fun can be had on a winter day with brand new crayons, washable markers, safety scissors, glue, and more. Pre-packaged art gift sets are usually on sale somewhere! Or buy individual paint, brushes, crayons etc and make your own gift set.
7. Books
Different books are always a great option for kids. They are also very welcomed by their parents, who appreciate having something new to read to their little ones. Although an adorable book, there are only so many hundreds of times you can read their favorite books.
8. Lego and Mega Bloks
There are so many different Lego and Mega Blok sets including ones for the frugal gift-giver and there is a reason these little connecting pieces have been around forever. Kids love them and they inspire open-ended creative play.
9. Indoor playhouse
You could go the giant cardboard box + markers route (a genuine hit with most kids), if you’re looking for something a bit more obviously gifty, Try a super cute indoor play tent.
10. Toys for pretend play
Purchasing their own set of dust, sweep, mop set or kitchen sets, trucks, cars and mechanic tool kits. (check out thrift stores for gently used toys – sometimes the toys we give them are not a hit and get donated – which may be the very toy your child is looking for!!)
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