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Tuesday tips - A cleaner way to clean

Tuesday tips -  A cleaner way to clean

Did you know?

Eighty percent of dry cleaners in the US use perchloroethylene, a solvent that has been linked to cancer, nervous system damage and hormonal disruption. Seek out a non-toxic professional dry cleaning alternative or "green cleaner" in your area.

If your washing machine has a setting for the amount of clothing you're washing, choose a low setting—you'll use less water and your clothes will get just as clean. Using cold water can save up to 80% of the energy required to wash clothes.

Use less hot water. Washing your clothes in cold or warm instead of hot water can save as much as 500 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

The average washing machine uses about 41 gallons of water per load, whereas newer, high-efficiency models use less than 28 gallons of water per load.

And don't forget to hang your clothes to dry to save even more energy!

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