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The Best Way To Clean Your Reusable Sponges & Reusable Cloths


A Quick How to For Cleaning Your Reusable Sponges And Reusable Cloths

We wipe down kitchens and bathroom and all sorts of funky things in our sinks and tubs, and counter tops. We often get the question on how often or how to wash and sanitize these so they can last their longest life!

Our Reusable and Sustainable cloths and sponges help reduce how often you need to replace ordinary sponges and cleaning cloths. Made with natural fibers, they're easy to machine wash and when cared for as directed, will provide long lasting service without losing their strength or absorption power.

We've gathered some of our favorite ways to keep our sponges and reusable cloths clean.



1. Wash in your dishwasher on the top rack - No Dryer Heat Setting

2. Wash in the washer machine on light setting with other dish towels. Tumble dry low - no heat

3. Soak in DILUTED bleach water for 30 seconds-1 minute

4. Wet and wring out after every use 

5. Recommended not to dry in the dryer unless it's no heat setting

6. Do Not Use Fabric Softener 

Our sponges are made with natural fibers that outlasts ordinary sponges.

Unlike cellulose sponges, it outperforms without the problems of bacteria growth. 


1. Wash in the washer machine with other dish towels - do not use fabric softener, as this will inhibit the absorbency power - hang dry or lay flat to dry ( I lay mine flat on top of my dryer and dries within a few hours)

2. Wet and wring out after every use

3. The customer favorite is the Anti-Bacterial Cleaning cloth - they have silver particle technology woven into the fabric. This technology helps to prevent bacteria that create mildews and odor build up on our cloth. Smart® Cloths are made from all natural tree fibers and are reusable, just throw in the wash



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