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10 Questions To Help You Declutter


10 Questions to Help You Declutter & Live Smart

Great for Spring & Winter Cleaning


Feeling blue in your own living space? How about a little overwhelmed or an over active mind. Relax, stop, and look around you. You may be able to fix your fuzzy mind by decluttering your space. Having a decluttered, organized space, can help relieve tension and even declutter your mind.


Ask yourself these questions when trying to declutter. This process works best if you start in one area of your home, or in one bedroom. Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of items – especially if you’ve had them for quite some time, however, asking yourself the below questions can help you realize what items are worth keeping, and items that are worth tossing out or donating.


Donating items that you don’t use anymore helps you, and a fellow person in need. Donate to your local Goodwill center, or Salvation Army.


Ask yourself these questions and see how much you can declutter! You might find yourself feeling a little less decluttered as well – it’s a win – win!

1. How Often Do I Use This Item? - If you answer this question with the response of "hardly never" or "once every few years". Maybe it's time to donate it or see if a friend or family member needs it. 

2. Am I Keeping This Item Because I Think I Will Use It One Day? - If the answer is "Yes", really think to yourself, what would you use it for, how often would you use it? Chances are, it's an item that you can most likely donate since you may not have the space, or time to use it. 

3. Do I Have A Similar Item That Serves The Same Purpose? - If you have multiple items that serve the same purpose, or do the same thing, choose which is your favorite, or which one works best, and decide from there. A friend or family member would probably be super excited to get a hand me down from you!

4. Is This Something I Thought About Before I Found It? - If you answered "no" - toss or donate it. It was outta site, outta mind anyways. If you answered "yes" - keep it in a place that you can easily see, and ask yourself these questions later down the line to see if you really need the item! 

5. If I Were Shopping Right Now, Would I Buy This Item? - If this is an item you would buy again, you should keep it. If it seems like a frivolous extra, you most likely don't need it. Things are nice, but clean space can be better than nice. 

6. Am I Keeping This For Sentimental Value? - If you discover you keep most items for sentimental value, possibly stick them in a keepsake box if small enough, or ask yourself if the memory is worth keeping. If it's from an ex, toss it out - clutter from exes can clutter your new relationships. 

7. Am I Holding Onto This Damaged Item In Hopes To Fix It One Day? - Be realistic with this one. Do you have the time, the tools, and the skill set to fix this item? If you don't, you should toss it. Broken items take up a lot of space. And having a collection of them can be a downer on oneself because it's a constant reminder that you STILL haven't fixed it yet. It's okay to throw broken items out! If you really want to re-purpose or fix it - consult websites like Pinterest and see what things you can do with the item. Again, if you won't have the time, the tools, or the money to fix it, it's better to toss. 

8. Will I Realistically Use This Item? - Are you really going to use this item within the next few days? How about the next month? Next 6 Months? Evaluate the item's realistic ability and go from there. If it's something that has potential, but you never got around to utilizing - go ahead and donate it to make someone else's day. 

9. Could I Use The Space For Something Else? - AH, it seems everyone wants more space, don't they? If it's an item that takes up a lot of space, and is hardly ever used, donate it. You can utilize the space for something that's really necessary or just have a clear space for the ultimate decluttered clean area! Less can be more - this is something to remember. 

10. Am I Keeping This Because I Feel Like I Would Be Wasting Money If I Threw It Out? - This is the one I tend to ask myself the most. Living on a budget can be hard, and if you look at your items as money, this is difficult. Something to remember, money comes and goes, and money is made to be spent. If you really feel like it's worth a lot, sell it on eBay, or craigslist - people search on those sites all day for items that they need or want. If you find yourself with a lot of items - host a garage sale, or get together with a friend or family member and host a garage sale together. 

Donating items can be very rewarding, you are helping someone else out while straightening up your own living space. If you have items you don't want to donate, consult a friend or family member to see if they want a hand-me-down, OR host a garage sale. 

It's always a great question to ask "Will this item be better in someone else's hands?" - This selfless question can aid to decluttering as well. 

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