Solid Spoon - Molded Bamboo® & Stainless Steel

Solid Spoon - Molded Bamboo® & Stainless Steel

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The Natural Home Molded Bamboo® & Stainless Steel Solid Spoon is perfect for stirring, mixing, and serving your fresh home cooked meals. Made from our Revolutionary Patented 100% Molded Bamboo®,  always Melamine Free, Plastic Free, and BPA Free. A sustainable and healthy alternative to the chemically based plastic. From the harvesting of raw materials to the finished products and packaging we have chosen the most sustainable materials available for affordable sustainable kitchen tools and gadgets. Constructed of sturdy 93% recycled stainless steel and an ergonomically shaped molded bamboo handle, stir and serve safely without worrying about leaching harmful chemicals into your foods or melting your utensil.

Item Details:

  • Made of Molded Bamboo®, produced with bamboo sawdust, rice starch and an all-natural, plant-based binder
  • A great natural alternative to plastic that won't leach chemicals - BPA Free
  • No chemical coatings
  • Stainless Steel used is 93 percent recycled



Molded Bamboo® products don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals found in PVC, polycarbonate and other plastics, yet they’re just as strong & versatile. Molded Bamboo® is always BPA free and top rack dishwasher safe.