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Compostable Kitchen Compost BIn Bag
SMART™ Compostable Compost Bin Bags
SMART™ Compostable Compost Bin Bags
SMART™ Compostable Compost Bin Bags

SMART™ Compostable Compost Bin Bags

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Smart™ Compostable Compost Bin Bags

SMART™  Compostable Compost Bin Bags comes with 30 compostable bags.

Forget about scrubbing your compost bin after it gets full;simply toss the whole bag into your compost pile or green waste bin, and reline with a fresh, new bag! Specifically designed for Natural Home's Kitchen Compost Bins, but can be used with any standard size compost bin.

To ensure the ultimate odor protection, check out Natural Home's Charcoal Filters for odor protection up to six months.

SMART™ compost bags are made with BioFina® Compostable Resin and complies with ASTM D6400 standards.   Contrary to conventional plastics, bioplastics help the earth by offering a reduced carbon footprint and other positive environmental impacts. Always BPA & chemical free.

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    30 Count Compostable Compost Bin Bags Details:

    • 30 Compostable Bags to a box/roll
    • 3 Gallon Bags
    • Fits all compost bin sizes - (1 g, 1.3g & 1.8g) 
    • 100% Compostable
    • Great pick up bag for pet waste
    • Made with BioFina® Compostable Resin
    • Complies with ASTM D6400 - decomposes in 180 days or less

    Check out our blog for some Common Compost Questions

    Some Environmental Benefits To Composting:

    Enriches soil, aids in cleanup of contaminated soil, helps prevent pollution, has fantastic economic benefits.


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