Anti-Bacterial Cloth
Anti-Bacterial Cloth
Anti-Bacterial Cloth
Anti-Bacterial Cloth

Anti-Bacterial Cloth

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The Amazing Reusable Anti-Bacterial Cloth

Have you ever had that smelly sponge or cloth in your sink or cleaning area and say to yourself “what’s that smell”? Well...its mildew and bacteria. We've got a solution to your smelly problem!
Smart® Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Cloths have silver particle technology woven into the fabric. This technology helps to prevent bacteria that create mildews and odor build up on our cloth. Smart® Cloths are made from all natural tree fibers and are reusable, just throw in the wash!
Smart® Anti-Bacterial cloths are a must have for all cleaning uses. Use it with confidence for all your household chores. 
Item Details:
  • Wet & wring before every use
  • Anti-Bacterial cloth with silver particles - deactivates mildew, bacteria, & odors
  • 1 pc
  • Great for kitchens & bathrooms
  • Helps reduce waste 
  • Hand or machine wash then air dry or tumble dry with NO HEAT
  • DO NOT use fabric softener as it will reduce absorbency 


This "green kitchen" necessity greatly reduces your use of expensive disposable wipes, petrochemical microfibers and paper towels while you reduce waste! The production process is a model of ecological management, winning various environmental awards and earning the Oeko-tex® Confidence in Textile Seal


Cared for as directed, your Reusable Anti-Bacterial Cloth will provide long-lasting service without losing its strength or absorption power.

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