6pc Kitchen Set

6pc Kitchen Set

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6pc Kitchen Set

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The Smart™ 6pc Kitchen Set has got you set for the basic EcoFriendly cleaning must haves. Clean everything from mirrors and windows, to counter tops and multiple surfaces without using any paper towel waste! Our Smart™ line has developed a natural, yet durable approach to cleaning, encouraging the many benefits of reducing & reusing when it comes to daily cleaning.

Items in 6pc Kitchen Set:

  • 2pc Kitchen Cloth - Replaces throwaway paper towels
  • 1pc Sponge - Outlasts Ordinary Sponges/Washable for Multiple Uses
  • 1pc Window Wipe - Pair with Natural Home’s Chemical Free Window Cleaner
  • 2pc Quilted Kitchen Cloth - The quilted shapes form pockets of air to attract water and increase absorbency

Care & Use:

  1. Wet & wring out before and after each use
  2. Hand or machine wash. Air & tumble dry with no heat
  3. DO NOT use fabric softener as it will reduce absorbency 
  4. Cared for as directed, you reusable cloths will provide long-lasting service without losing their strength or absorption power. 
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