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Bamboo Paper Towels


What do we really use paper towels for?

Is it really, just for cleaning up tough messes, spills or even better absorbency? The answer is ahhhh No!

It turns out the majority of us mostly use paper towels for:

  • Paper napkins for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Having a quick clean surface for making my sandwich. Not that my counter is dirty, I’m just saying.
  • Quick wipe of my counter
  • Drying my hands
  • Blow my nose. ok, a little rough but it works
  • Drying my eye glasses off
  • Don’t want to use a bowl for a handful of chips. I Use the paper towel.
  • Cleaning my windows with the blue spray stuff
  • Drying my apple. after washing it
  • Picking up crumbs
  • Spraying the new super-duper cleaner on my kitchen counter them wiping off.
  • Cleaning the gunk off my stove top
  • Drying my kitchen counter
  • After struggling with the pickle jar and jabbing a pickle with a fork. I wrap it with a paper towel. Is it just me?
  • Accident pet poops in the house. “dog owners you know what I’m talking about”


I can go on and on and give you the great uses of a paper towels. BUT 98% of my use of a paper towel is not cleaning up tough hard to clean messed or huge spills. Like you see on the commercials.  

I forget the last time 1 put a bunch of coins in the middle of my paper towel to show how strong it is. Really? It’s a paper towel, not duct tape. And if I did have a big spill I would use a dish towel or a Shamtastic! Ok, it’s a Plug for Shamtastic, but it does work great.


And another thing:

Fact check your paper towel roll size and cost: you will find:

  • 25 feet more?
  • 6-8 rolls?
  • 2 giant rolls =3?
  • Huge or Enormous rolls?
  • 2 X more absorbent?
  • XL?

WHAT!!! I’m already Confused

Ahh but that is what they are trying to do..


Fact check it! easy math:


Cost per roll Divided by How many sheets per roll gives the price per sheet. Standard 2 ply sheet size is 9x11.

Natural Home Brands 100% bamboo paper towels have 220-11x9- 2ply sheets per roll. Yes, it’s the Big Kahuna roll!  Yes I said it. The big Kahuna.

Ohhh and we don’t cut down trees.

So now you know the facts. Try our Natural Home Brands 100% bamboo paper towels. No tricks, no games, no marketing mumbo jumbo, just the raw natural facts.

Lets us know what you use your paper towels for at: info@naturalhomebrands.com “now keep it clean”

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