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15 (Affordable) Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

15 (Affordable) Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

15 Affordable Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Some savvy tricks to keep the heat away and at bay!
Air conditioning is AHHH soo nice, but let’s face it, blasting it all day everyday (and sometimes night) isn’t cost or energy efficient. Not to mention, many people have homes where air conditioning isn't even an option!
We’ve got a few ideas below to help beat the heat wave and keep your temperature down without sending your energy bill up!

1.Close the curtains during the day


If you’re going to be at work all day or simply just not home, prevent the sunlight from warming your house up by closing the curtains and blinds. If you are home and prefer to not live like a vampire, opt to opening the curtains partially in the rooms that you are currently in.

2. Avoid the oven

As you may have already realized, using the oven to cook heats up your kitchen quickly! Try outside BBQing, or stove top meals. Remember to cover your pots and pans so food cooks faster and keeps heat inside the pan!

3. Invest in some floor fans

Position fans in areas that need a cool down. Window fans are a great investment too, for night time especially. These push cool air in and hot air out! Create a cross breeze and set up a few fans so the breeze hits you from all angles!

 4. Turn the lights off

Light bulbs give off heat. If they must be on, opt in for environmentally friendly ones as these don’t get as hot as the old school bulbs. Take advantage of natural light as much as possible! Summer night are longer anyhow. Entertaining? Swoop some LED candles to keep your guests cool and comforted in the right ambiance.

 5. Wear light fabrics

Choosing loose cotton or linens will help keep you cool or dry. Clothes made with bamboo are often loose and naturally wick away sweat. Wearing dark colors attract the sun, skip the blacks and dark colors while hanging out outside.

 6. Drink to think!

Keeping hydrated is the most crucial part about summer time heat. It keeps you cool, hydrated, and helps your mental clarity. Invest in a water filtration pitcher and keep in the fridge for ultimate coolness. Freeze fruit or mint leaves in ice cube trays (with water of course) and add the cubes to your water to keep your motivation for drinking water easy!

7. Freeze water bottles or ice packs

Keeping frozen water bottles or ice packs handy ain’t such a bad idea. Grab either one and place behind your neck, under your knees, elbows, groin or wrists for an instance and quick cool down.

 8. Ditch the comforter

Put your heavy sheets and comforters away! Purchase Egyptian cotton or cotton sheets and a light blanket to sleep with.

9. Keep cool treats on hand in the freezer

Let your inner child out! Shop for Popsicle's that are made of fruit for a refreshing and cool treat, or make your own. Stores often carry Popsicle makers – simply add juice, or your own smoothie blend and add to the Popsicle maker. Let it freeze and VIOLA! Homemade Popsicle's. Opting in for a less sugary cool treat will prevent you from becoming too thirsty.

10. Chill Out

You can cool down a whole room by hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window. The breeze from outside will bring down the rooms temperature. OR place a fan behind it for a DIY breeze.

11. Cool Off

Take a cold shower to reduce your core body temperature. Rinsing off sweat and cooling off before bed is best!

12. Take a dunk

Visit a local swimming pool, lake, or river, and take a dunk. Find a shady spot or bring a beach umbrella and cool off outside!

13. Sleep and hang out with your hair up or in braids

If you have long hair, tying it up or keeping it in braids can help keep sweat and heat from developing behind your neck.

14. Open your windows at night

Open up your windows and if you have it, add a window fan to help push out hot air and bring in cool air. Remember to close them all before the day starts because you might be letting in warm air which is not what we are shooting for!

15. Freeze your pillowcase

If it’s still unbearably hot before going to bed, stick your pillowcase in the freezer for a few minutes before lying in bed. Remember to stick it in a plastic bag first. You can even do this with the top sheet so you can sleep in the ultimate chill zone.



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