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Make It Monday - Farmer's Market

Make It Monday - Farmer's Market

Tips and a bonus recipe


Ingredients to look for

• tomatoes
• lettuce
• zucchini
• cabbages
• sweet potatoes
• butternut squash
• asparagus
• strawberries
• kohlrabi
• okra
• carrots
• sweet potatoes
• cauliflower
• leeks
• kale
• pumpkins
• turnips
• potted herbs


1. If you are new to visiting a farmers market, keep it simple. Don’t overbuy! it is really easy to do, especially if you go without a plan. The saddest thing is seeing what you’ve purchased go to waste because you couldn’t go through it all. Start conservatively.
2. Be conservative with “eat-immediately” items- things that will not last very long – like sprouts, lettuce, berries, some fruits. Opt for 1-2.
3. Be less conservative with produce that keeps for longer (potatoes, apples, cabbages, winter squashes, leeks, kale, etc) that give you more time to consume them. Buy more of these.
4. Try one new thing. Just one. (start with a plan in mind of what you need for the week, and then just surprise yourself at the market with one more beautiful thing- just one!) It might just become your favorite
5. Buy potted herbs! The best tip here! You can often buy specialty items like Thai basil, garlic chives, purple basil- thing’s you can’t readily find at the grocery store.
I went this weekend and found cinnamon basil - can't wait to try it.
Preserve, don’t toss. You can always freeze things like berries, ferment things, or pickle things …. to extend their life.
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bonus recipe follows
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