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Make it Monday -DIY Natural Christmas decorations

Make it Monday -DIY Natural Christmas decorations
Tree Ornaments  
1. Natural Twig Ornaments
This natural DIY Christmas decoration using branches and twine is the perfect addition to your Christmas tree!
What you’ll need:
• Branches or twigs
• Branch cutters
• Glue gun
• Twine
2. Nature Ornaments
Don’t stop with twigs! Get creative and use small pieces of mother nature such as evergreen branches and pinecones, or dried fruit like oranges and apples.
What you’ll need:
• Nature elements
• Twine
• Glue gun
4. DIY Branch Ball Ornaments
For an incredibly easy but pretty DIY, get some clear Christmas tree ornaments and add branches inside of them. Hang it on your Christmas tree or wherever your heart desires.
5. Clay Christmas Tree Ornaments
These natural Christmas tree decorations using clay are so gorgeous in their simplicity. This DIY is a little time-consuming, but so worth it considering these natural ornaments will last a lifetime!
What you’ll need:
• air dry clay
• wax (or parchment) paper + tape
• rolling pin
• cookie cutters
• basic drinking straw
• small jar filled with water
• ribbon of choice
• & other optional materials
6. Homemade Salt Dough Ornaments
If you’re looking for a natural Christmas decoration that will make your home smell incredible, this is the DIY for you.
DIY Natural Christmas Garlands
7. DIY Mini Wreath Garland
This mini wreath garland is the perfect natural Christmas decor for any minimalist. It’s so simple to make but still so beautiful!
What you’ll need:
• pine branches or something similar
• floral wire
• jute twine or string
• scissors
8. Cranberry & Pine Cone Christmas Garland
How pretty is this rustic cranberry and pine cone garland by Clean and Scentsible? This tutorial bleaches the pine cones but you can definitely skip the bleach so can you compost the pine cones afterwards. (Shred the pine cones so that they degrade faster!)
What you’ll need:
• Pine cones
• Jute or thick string
• A bag of cranberries
• Large eye needle
• Felt cut into tiny circles to fit on the bottom of your pine cones.
• Hot glue
9. Cranberry & Orange Natural Garland
Not a fan of pine cones with your cranberry Christmas garland? Switch them out for sliced oranges!
What you’ll need:
• Cranberries
• Oranges
• Needle
• String
10. Natural Evergreen Garland
Bring nature indoors this winter with this garland made from foraged evergreens that will liven up your home in both smell and spirit.
What you’ll need:
• At least 1-3 types of greenery (See tutorial for more information)
• 22-gauge floral wire
• Scissors that can cut wire
• 3 Command Hooks or nails
11. Wrap Natural Garlands on Mirrors
Get creative with your evergreen garlands, like framing them around the mirror. Such a simple DIY that adds so much character to the room.
DIY Natural Christmas Wreaths
12. DIY Citrus & Pine Cone Wreath
Decorating with citrus is a great way to naturally decorate your home during Christmas.
13. Gold Acorn & Pine Cone Wreath
Decorate a wreath with pine cones and acorns this Christmas for beautifully natural decor. Adding a little gold paint is a great way to make this natural DIY sparkle!
14. Foraged Triangle Natural Wreath
Who says wreaths need to be circular? This natural triangle wreath is stunning to look at and super easy to make!
What you’ll need:
• Stripped branches
• Evergreen leaves
• Florists wire
• Wire cutters
Final Thoughts on these DIY natural Christmas decor ideas
These homemade natural Christmas decorations are the best types of zero-waste decor for the holidays because they’re either compostable or meant to last a lifetime!
Many of these natural decorations can also simply be returned to the forest after Christmas. It’s a great way to be more eco-conscious during the holidays.
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